Why You Need an Online Site Builder

Among the many personal choices we make when building websites is deciding whether to work with an online site builder or an offline one.

Site builders are categorized into two: online and offline. Online builders use web forms to create websites over the internet. When you choose to work with an online builder, you will not need to install any website creation software. All you need is a browser to be able to access the Internet.

Offline site builders are programs you install on your computer or download. You have to build the site using the software on the computer first. You then upload it using different software.

Location and Availability
An online site builder will always be there no matter where you access the Internet from, unlike an offline site builder. So you are not limited to working from one particular position. You can work from home, the office or even when travelling. An offline still requires you to be on the Internet but you need to install a separate FTP program all the same.

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The number of people working on the site also determines which site builder to use. Having more than two people working on the site is better when done with an online site builder. When using an offline site builder, it is common to find that the page you’ve been working on and are trying to update has already been updated by others working on the same site.

An online site builder on the other hand can accommodate many users and contains all the updated versions of the different pages being worked on. It is therefore faster and easier to work with. Duplication on work is also unheard of as you can monitor the changes being implemented.

More Advantages
1. Offline site builders use files to store information for each web page. Online site builders on the other side store web information on databases and are therefore more scalable and easier to sort.
2. Look for an online site builder with back-up for your work to ensure that your information is safely protected.
3. Online site builders have user-friendly templates which make it very easy to build sites.
4. Most online site builders do not require you to have knowledge of HTML. You are left to concentrate only on the content of your website.

Online site builders are time saving, easy to use and do not require much computer knowledge.

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